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Ensure clean and healthy air whether at work or home,
in a restaurant or a medical facility

AIR HALO solutions present unparalleled performance of a filter-less active Micro-Lightning Plascide technology, with real-time adaptable air sanitisation power to meet the most on-demand situations any time, any place.


Plascide, providing clean sanitised air with reliable performance for high volume passenger transit, is the most robust and highly efficient solutions that can meet the standard to ensure the health of commuters and shoppers day after day.


8 out of 10 people in a first world country will see their local general medical practitioners (GPs) Clinic about seven times a year to assort for various contiguous affliction, ranging from the harmless common cold to the dire discovery of a new strain of infection. The outpatient service is a vital battlefield in the biological war against the seasonal outbreaks and new variants. 
While these professional medical practitioners risk their health to treat the common and unknown infectious diseases, it is essential that they have the assurance of clean sanitised air every day. AIR HALO sanitiser can dynamically scale its sanitization power to rapidly and effectively destroy pathogens all the time, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Plascide air sanitisation provide Critical infrastructures, such as those serving metropolitan districts and islands, indeed require 24-hour operation to ensure the continuous provision of essential services. Efficiency is of utmost importance in order to optimise resource utilisation and minimise disruptions. Smooth control by healthy trained personnel is crucial to effectively manage and monitor these infrastructures. Maintaining quality standards is essential to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of the services provided. Additionally, Plascide is a safety measures prioritised to safeguard both the infrastructure and the people who rely on it.

Education Facilities & Young Children Groups

Social environment plays an important role for the education and social development of children. However due to the children's limited immunologic defences, any exposure to diseases make them easily susceptible to infections. It is vital to provide a safe and comfortable zone of clean sanitised air to minimize the sick time that will hinder them from learning the knowledge they need in life.


Plascide air sanitiser prioritise the health and safety of hospitality staff which is crucial for maintaining a high level of service and ensuring the well-being of both employees and guests. When staff members are less ill, it helps in minimising disruptions to operations and prevents the compromise of service quality. Furthermore, reducing illness-related absences can also prevent overworked shifts and high turnover rates, which are detrimental to the smooth functioning of hotels. By taking proactive measures to promote a healthy work environment, it contribute to the overall success and running of hospitality establishments.


AIR HALO has been verified with validated installations at highly sensitive and crucial locations where high demand for performance and strict air neutralisation are required to ensure staff and customers are protected at all times from pathogenic threats.

​​​​​Hong Kong International Airport Control Tower


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Mass Transit Railway Cross-Border Stations


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Clients using Plascide air sanitiser Solutions

Mass Transit Railway 



Civil Aviation Department



The University of

Hong Kong


China Light Power 




Peninsula Hotel Restaurant

St. Andrew's Catholic

Primary School    


Electrical & Mechanical

Service Dept.



City University of

Hong Kong

Pamela Youde Nethesole Eastern Hospital.jpg

Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital

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