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New Territories, Hong Kong

Today’s urban life has drastically affected the working and living environment of the modern workforce, with intensified dangers of illness such as influenza viruses or other pathogenic bacteria affecting work performance and personal lives.

Designed for all Indoor Spaces, Built for all Quality Living

Grasp the power of Air Halo within your finger tips, the Plascide powered palm size cordless air sanitiser ensuring the healthy living for you and your loved ones.

Designed for indoor environments such as general residences, small, medium and professional offices, the Plascide powered AHS01 Air Sanitiser is especially effective for on-demand situations and contingencies such as A&E Hospital Wards with fluctuating workloads.

Comprehensive Plascide powered air sanitiser solutions adaptable to any HVAC configurations for your office, building or vehicle.

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While the whole world struggles to contain a pandemic, the best and most cost effective containment solution seems to be completely overlooked

Family & Friends

Social environment plays an important role for the education and social development of children. However, children are especially susceptible to cross-infections due to their limited immunologic defenses. It is vital to provide a healthy airspace to minimize the sick time that will hinder them from learning the knowledge they need in life.