What is an non-plasma ioniser?
Is it the same as Plascide?

Plascide Micro-Lightning


Plascide sterilizes contaminated air
through and within the device


Micro-lightning generated
by high-energy plasma
99.9% Sterilization

kill germs and VOCs

Plascide Micro-Lightning.jpg

Patented Plascide Technology
Sanitise internally
Only releases clean air

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Award-winning technology
Tested and Validated by
Installed in MTR Cross-Border Stations, (Lo Wu, Lok Ma Chau)
Hong Kong International Airport
Control Tower and other sensitive locations

Electrify particles 
Attract air particles to all kinds of surfaces, including our body

Does not sanitise air
Attracts microbes through static charge

Microbes remain active on surfaces


Releases positive / negative ions

to attract particles
Not confined internally

nor energy efficient

    Reports by
National University of Singapore and
Hong Kong Baptist Univeristy 
have reservations about
their air sanitization efficiency.


Differences in quoted reports in marketing by products, in test environment and wording.
E.g. Plascide: Destroys microbes,
tested in rooms
Ionizers: Remove microbes from air,
tested in small boxes