Zap Germs Lightning Fast

Plascide Micro-Lightning

Plascide's sanitisation plasma field effectively destroys pathogens entering the micro-lightning generator within a second.

Supply a steady flow of sterilised and neutralised clean air, unmatched by alternative technologies.

Plascide generate a plasma cloud of destructive Micro-lightning

Plasma, think of a washing machine, where all clothes are cleaned inside the machine.

Non-Plasma, on the other hand, are like fabric fresheners. They don't kill any germs or contaminants. 


On the market, Only our Plascide Micro-Lightning technology works like a washing machine.

Today’s urban life has drastically affected the working and living environment of the modern workforce, with intensified dangers of illness such as influenza viruses or other pathogenic bacteria affecting work performance and personal lives.

Plascide - Designed for all Indoor Spaces
Built for all Quality Living
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While the world struggles to contain a pandemic, the best and most cost effective containment solution seems to be completely overlooked

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Work & Life Balance

You spend most of your work life in a confined office or space, where you and your staff, as well as your client, will be exposed to germs and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).