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Deskmate Line

Model: AHD01

Bring the power of Placide to your office and workplace, blending seamlessly on your desk or wall mounted


Introducing an intermediate air sanitiser that brings active germicide performance without compromise. Powered by our patent micro-lightning Plascide generators, a time tested plasma technology.

With the versatility to adapt to the demands of the user, with four power levels. :"Silent" mode for sleeping, "Low" mode for relaxed atmosphere, "Normal" mode for everyday use and a "Boost" mode for when you need the extra power for those demanding situations.   

A desk native air sanitiser capable of a typical room coverage, giving you the freedom to breath without worry in your personal desk space.  



  • Timer Mode: Set shutdown according to your daily activities and life style

  • Program Mode: With this ultimate customization mode, adjust the power level and set a timer at any time at your convenience.

  • ECON Mode: Let Deskmate provide you the best service by optimising its power level, performance, and efficiency.

  • Control your Deskmate from wherever you are, connect over WIFI to your Deskmate from any computer or through our Android App

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