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New Territories, Hong Kong

Portable Series

Model: AH01

Portable and cordless clean air without compromised performance to meet your needs wherever you go. 

Introducing the palm size cordless air sanitizer that brings active germicide performance without compromise that is powered by Plascide reactors our patented and time tested plasma technology.

With the versatility to adapt to the demands of the user, with three power levels. :"Slient" mode for sleeping/relaxing moments, "Normal" mode for every day use, a "Boost" mode for when you need the extra power for those demanding situations.   

A portable active air sanitizer grants you the freedom of movement and worry, whether you are off-grid or in motion, always have 3hrs of cordless operation.




We built upon established familiarity to create a deliberate design yet encompass the philosophy of "Form Follows Function".   

Take advantage of the most universal storage provided by most locations and transportation: The cup holder. Optimized to all major cup holders, giving you the freedom to do more important things, whether you are driving, waiting at a lounge or on a flight.