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Superior Air Sanitiser solutions incorporate Plascide technology

How Does it Work?

Plasma is generated at room temperature within the Plascide generator. Its air sanitisation capability is based on the generation of energetic charged particles (electrons and ions) and the associated physio-chemical effects to destroy microbes and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Contaminated air is pulled into the Plascide generator where the intense ionised gas field sterilises pathogenic microbes such as H3N2 influenza, MRSA and neutralizes toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, rendering them inactive and harmless. The air neutralisation takes place effectively and efficiently in a single stage process within a fraction of a second. All happens within the Plascide generator without releasing ions into the living environment.

This unique attribute of sterilising pathogenic microbes and neutralising VOCs electrically means that it's not limited to any specific size or type of pathogens or chemicals. Plascide generator can therefore sanitise known and mutated pathogens as well as a wide range of VOCs. Furthermore, this active system is capable of adjusting the power and speed of the neutralisation at the press of a button.

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