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Cassette Units

Rapid air sanitisation against pathogens and VOCs.
Robust and adaptable clean air solutions for HVAC services.

Comprehensive air sanitiser solutions to suit different HVAC configurations.

Cassette Line

Ductless Self-contained Ceiling Mounted Units

Seamlessly integrating with false ceilings, this all-in-one solution provides independent coverage, without relying on other infrastructure.
Ensure reliability and efficient performance with hassle-free simple installation, requiring minimal effort to set up.


Cassette is designed to easily blend in with a wide range of common ceiling facades, ensuring that the unit seamlessly maintains the overall appearance of the space.

Built-in side mounting brackets are compatible with industry-standard ceiling threaded bolts, providing a secure and reliable mounting method.

Cassette provides immediate localised air sanitisation at its location.
Ensures that the air within the designated area is purified and free from contaminants without relying on external airflow systems.
This self-contained design not only minimises the risk of cross-contamination but also allows for easy installation and maintenance.

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fancoil ducted01_edited.jpg

Outtake Adjustable Vane Control
Easily control the direction of supply air coverage, giving the flexibility to customize the airflow within specific usage environment.

90˚ Intake
Specifically designed to pull contaminated return air from the surrounding environment, ensuring that indoor air remains clean and healthy.

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