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Air Ducted Units

Rapid air sanitisation against pathogens and VOCs.
Robust and adaptable clean air solutions for HVAC services.

Comprehensive air sanitiser solutions to suit different HVAC configurations.


Independent or Integrated Airduct Units

Complimenting and complying to ducted HVAC infrastructure.

From seamless integration with existing ducting systems to separate complementary Plascide's ducted solution, to cater for any building configuration.


The fan unit incorporates an Attachment unit with a built-in multi-speed fan to ensure adequate air flow rate. The seamless integration with the existing HVAC system ensures optimal performance and efficient operation.

The Attachment unit, equipped with in-built Micro-Lightning reactors, is designed for easy ceiling mounting within existing air duct assemblies, making installation simple and hassle-free.

fan ducted01_edited.jpg
fancoil ducted01_edited.jpg

The Fancoil unit incorporates a Fan unit with cooling coils. It is purposefully designed for direct replacement of existing Fancoil unit and seamlessly compatible with ceiling-mounted air duct assemblies to allow for hassle-free installation and integration with existing HVAC system.

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